Back to Life

Again. I feel fatter after Eid Mubarak. In fact, I actually gained no weight because of it. You know, with a great big family, and so much foods that we can't resist. My uncles won a bid for a fish worth $1000 just a day before Eid Mubarak. Yes, you read it right. One thousand dollar for a fish. It's Bandeng fish by the way. It's huuuuge and I feel sick of it. Don't they think like wasting their money? And in the end, it's magically become poo *sorry*

So, tomorrow is another back to life for me. Back to campus, study for exams, and the other stressful activity that I loathe. No more 'leha-leha' in bed, no more tv, no more cousins. What a life...


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