New Favorite

I've found a new favorite place to shop online!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!! It's called BLACKFIVE :) In fact, I found it when I searched through Polyvore to play mix and match. I loved one of their items then and when I opened their actual website, I loved them all!!

It's getting better and better when I browsed their items and they made me crave for them. HEEEEELP MEEEEH!! They sell super cute stuffs with affordable price and absolutely, free shipping worldwide! (because I hate it when I only spent $8 to purchase an item but HAD TO pay $25 for the shipping fee). Double woohoooooo! I personally think BLACKFIVE is so me, here's some of my most favorite items from them,

1. Spiders-printed Cutout Crop Top & Mid-rise Pleated Green Skirt - $35.99 
2. Long-sleeved V-neck Striped Cardigan - $27.99
3. Leather-seamed Half-sleeve T-shirt - $21.99
4. Lace-seamed Round-neck Loose Sweatshirt - $32.99


  1. Love this collection ,specially the spider one!

  2. great choices dear llove the first pic. Thanks for the visit dear. love your plaid top and the necklace is so cute. Giveaway in my blog =)

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  4. Lovely the Spiders-printed Cutout Crop Top!!! It is amazing!!

  5. Omg never heard if it, but everything is so cute! I'll have to check it out!

    <3 Shannon

  6. whoaaa agree with you, its a huge problem when shopping at online store ><
    but laba-laba sweaternya bikin gemeeesssshhh!!! XD
    thank you for sharing :*

  7. Thanks a lot for your great picks! Especially the cardigan wants obviously to be in my closet :) And thank you also for your super nice comment, you make me so happy!

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  8. The lace jumper is really a great piece, thanks for linking it.
    Polyvore is my best place to find new stores, I used to be addicted to it, making sets all the time, even though I grew out of it, it still helps alot :)
    Thanks for sharing!



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