Perfect Coat for Rainy Season

     Fall is here. You might already feel the cold breeze in the air. Here in Indonesia, there's no fall season. But we do have rainy season which actually pretty cold too. It's just begun though, so it doesn't pour often to the ground. 
     I bet a few weeks from now, The rain will come everyday non-stop. It will be so grey all day and the water drops will come in the evening. I hate it because that's such a perfect timing. I would trapped in campus and couldn't go home. And then the morning after it would be soooo cold I don't want to get up from bed. 
     It's a great thing that I found this little coat from DRESSLINK. It's 100% fashionable and easy to mix&match. And don't worry, it will keep you 100% warm. When it was arrived in front of my door, I immediately love it. It's perfectly the same as the picture and even better than I expected. My mom said it suits me. And my cousin asked, where did I buy it?

     And, in case you're wondering how the coat originally looks like, here it is I give you the original picture and the direct link to order it


  1. This coat is beautiful and I love how you styled it :)

  2. Nice yellow sweater! Love this look <3

  3. Amazing post dear! Love your outfit!

    I'm following you on GFC :)

  4. what a great post ! beautiful pics ! keep working dear ! blog is interesting ! if u like my blog just follow me and i will follow u back asap

  5. Ah your heels are sick! I love those platform shoes.

    Great blog
    xoxo, ♥


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