WTF Market: Wanderlust

     It feels like such a long time ago when I visited such event, especially shopping event or bazaar. So when my friend (or actually my current personal photographer) asked me to accompany him to WTF Market, I said yes immediately. 
     There's a lot of fashion tenants in WTF Market. Most of the previously based on an online shop. It might be just me, but I always lost my interest to those tenants whenever I go to a bazaar. So I'll go directly to the place where the food tenants located. My goal: try as much as dish I can. If I could, I definitely would go after them all! I don't eat much, but I sure am buy a lot of food.
     So here are the food I bought that day,

Beef Enoki by @kakatori.surabaya. It's a little spicy but no salty. I like it, but I can finish it myself too :(

There is ice cream inside my cotton candy. Super creative ice cream from @lickandwhoop the taste is super sweet, I can't finish it my self

The only thing I finish myself. A spaghetti carbonara in a cup by @dkioskstall supeeeeer delicious! 

another menu from @dkioskstall :p

Super crunchy french fries with melted mac n cheese on top! Mouth-watering, don't you think?


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  2. All this food looks jealous and hungry now :p
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  3. Loving this post!

  4. All the foods look so yummy!!!<3<3


  5. You´re "killing me" with this food! yummy

  6. that markets sounds so fun! all the food looks AMAZING!

  7. Nice post and great post!
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    kisses Adela Acanski

  8. All the foods make me drolling right now *nom-nom*
    I must join you there someday dear =)

  9. Hi! I'm one of the committee in WTF Market. We are so pleased to see your blogpost about the event.

    Looking forward to have you in our upcoming event this March 11 -13 :)
    Check our IG @wtfmarketid for more info!

    thanks !


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