Love Letter

Dear my younger self,

You probably won't believe when I say this.
There are so many things could happen in one year. 
Heck, there are so many things could happen in merely two months.
You'll experience lots of heartbreak, betrayal, and you're gonna find yourself having a mental break down more often than you already have.
The nightmares haven't stopped, up until now, in my time.
I'm still working on that

In one year, you're gonna find your circle of friends is getting smaller. 
A lot smaller.
But there you are!
In a place you where you finally find someone who loves you so dearly like nobody else before.
Someone who's gonna take a bullet for you.
They're gonna place their body as your human shield and protect you from bad things.
Stop you from being a bad person.

In one year, you're gonna feel like the most worthless person on earth.
So here I am as your future self, telling you one thing you always tell other people but no one tells you the same.
Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.
So take a leap of faith, honey!

We're healing. 
It takes time but we are indeed healing I can feel it in our bones. 
And by the end of the day, we will succeed.
All of this gonna be just a story.
One hell of a story that we're gonna laugh about.



  1. Its all a process, we will all get to all strong point. I can relate so much with this.


  2. I'm smiling while reading this letter,
    Because it's reflecting my own consent,
    Such a beautiful letter :)

    I nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award
    You could check my blog post about it here:
    Hope you could participate ♥


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