What I Wore Today

     Re-using my nerd crop top. You probably already seen me wearing this crop top multiple times. I have this tendency to sell my secondhand clothes or held a garage sale once in few months. But one day, I wanted to wear a simpson sweater I once had. Unfortunately, it was already sold one year ago in a garage sale event. That makes me think over and over again now when I want to sell my secondhand clothes. I don't want to feel the regret again but on the other hand, I can't buy new clothes if I don't sell the old ones. My closet already full it has no space anymore for me to put my new clothes :(
     By the way, today I accompanied my friend (helped him actually) to make a video for his homework. It's about how college students love to waste their time and money in the mall. Shopping, or trying new cafe. And oh my it's exhausting. We repeat one scene over and over. There was this one scene that I had to walk out from the store with happy face after shopping. Well yes I'm always happy after shopping :p but doing the smile and repeating the action over and over is in fact awkward. In the end, my last expression is not that happy and we decided to use the first one we took :D


  1. looks good, lovely shoes
    new post : http://melodyjacob1.blogspot.com/2015/04/zebra-print-mini-skirt.html

  2. Awesome look, especially those shoes!!! ;) xo

  3. great outfit zuna, ur heels aaaaakk aku sukaaa! gemessh yaa :D


  4. you look so fancy although you're using pants.
    and congratulations your photo has been reposted by lookbookindonesia


  5. Ini yang di-feature ♥ waah sama banget zuna, kalo mesti ngulang scene yang sama (terjadi juga dalam latihan teaterku) pasti kadang malah jadi lebih gak bagus dan ternyata yang pertama yang paling sip.

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