20 Things I Dislike/Can't Do

  1. I hate, loathe, despise cockroach so much

  2. I can't stand being surrounded by people

  3. That's so I hate being in a crowd place like a club

  4. I loathe people who bully the other

  5. I can't sleep in a quite place. My TV should be on all night long

  6. I don't like people smoking around me

  7. I can't eat without 'krupuk'

  8. I hate messy room, but my room always messy and I'm to lazy to clean it

  9. I hate planning things highly but in the end, I should let it go

  10. I don't like noisy people who think my life is their business

  11. I don't like to laugh about every single things even tho' all my friends laugh about it. Hey, if I don't think it's funny, I shouldn't be laugh right?

  12. I don't like waking up in the middle of the night because I have to pee

  13. I hate lying people

  14. I don't like apple (yes I don't like it!)

  15. I hate it when people take all day long to reply my text message

  16. I hate cat fight

  17. I don't like some girls who think they are popular because they join every single activities in campus/school

  18. I hate people ask for my help, but being ignorant after I helped them (It's hurt you know. It makes me feel like I don't want to help people anymore)

  19. I hate people who come super late

  20. I hate people who show their desperation to other people. (Stay strong will ya? You can cry but you can't go out looking desperate all the time)


  1. I can relate to you in so many ways, i hate people who asks for my help too and leave me when they don't need me, i despise that kind of people! And yeah, cockroach are my enemies!

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  2. i do hate people who come super late! be on time please! lol


  3. i always come super late, tapi kamu gak benci aku kan? :*



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