Try Try Try

     I loss my interest of shopping lately. It's been two months already. Every time I see something cute from an online shop, I immediately want it. My mind will running around about how to match it with an items from my wardrobe, or what can I do to make it 3 times cuter. But in the end, it's so damn hard for me to spend money on it. I end up with nothing to buy. But I really want to! God knows how much I really really want to buy some cute sweater and heels and midi skirt, and ombre pants, and sequined jacket, and some statement necklace, and eeeverything.
     And then I always remembered what my lecturer said in Personal Finance class. About how we don't live only in present but also far future ahead. And we should invest more than we spend, And how about 10 years ago, with only $20 you can buy a trolley full of groceries, but it can't be happening nowadays. That we should prepare.
     Still, it couldn't stop my habit to play mix n match in every store I visited. I love to pick one set outfit (blouse+skirt, blouse+pants, etc) from one store and bring it to fitting room to try on. And always love the result. Yet, I remembered again what my lecturer said and postponed to buy them. Here's my favorite pick from N.y.L.a yesterday.
     I love how the sleeve model of the blouse swell in my arm. and the pendant glued on the neck part. It comes beautifully with white leopard midi skirt. Since I have this unhealthy obsession with cropped blouse and midi skirt. I think this outfit is soooo me.


  1. Yes indeed, we must spend/invest 60% of our income but we still cant hold to buy something cute lol
    Did you buy them dear?
    Love that white leopard midi skirt!

  2. Love ur top..that skirt goes well with it :)

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  3. I love your style! Great! :)


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