Gold is The New Black

     Do you prefer shopping alone or along with your friends? For me, I prefer going shopping alone by myself. I can walk very very slowly and enjoy my window shopping. That's so I can choose items perfectly and buy them. I can visit every store in the mall and back to the store one without rush :D
     Therefore, I found a new color trend this season. It's black and gold. And yes, it's already autumn winter season. And how the black comes as the main color with a line of gold appear fascinating me. I'm obsessed. Truly loooove this color mix. 

Stradivarius sweater, H&M dress, Wondershoe oxford shoes

     And I bought some black and gold items that caught my eyes. Well, the shoes are for my mom actually, but since we're on the same size (how lucky I'm to have the same size with my mom) we can borrow each other's stuffs.

Charles & Keith shoes, NewLook earrings


  1. That purse is so cute!

    - Deniz

  2. cool loafers! sayang aku gak pede pake pendek-pendek gini :"(

  3. cute bag!:o
    mind to follow my blog? i'll folow ur blog too.

  4. lovee this outfit from head to toe zunaaa!! cutee :)

  5. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog darling! Adorable bag xx

  6. Nice :)

  7. I hate shopping alone because i get this weird feeling that people are making fun of me because im all alone, how i wish i can shrug that feelings off my shoulder and be like you, shopping all alone and enjoying the company of thyself. But you know, when im at my comfort zone, like in my house, i really don't mind being all alone. It's just that i dont want people to think that im alone. Anywa, i love your bag and you look so cute <3 Happy Halloween!

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  8. I love this outfit and your Moschino bag! I actually do prefer going shopping when I'm alone too :)

  9. Pretty cool!
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