Stressed Out? NO WAY!!

Exams are finally done. Heck YEAH!! I'm literally in a freedom now. But you know what? Exams are not something you should be afraid. Just do study regularly, and do NOTHING in exams week because it will only stressed you out more. In my case, I will go hang out or shopping all day because it's cooling my head off. So I can do exams just fine with a clear mind.

By the way, I'm actually not an accessories person. I barely wear accessories in my daily outfit except a watch and a hat. But I found this pretty watch from Born Pretty Store and I love it immediately. Because it's already have some chain that makes me look like wearing bracelet too. It's too pretty I can't help it. That's way I don't have to use bracelet anymore. Besides you can get 10% off discount with the code: RIMUC10

Well, I do love bracelet. In fact, I do love accessories. I just prefer to spent my money in shoes, bag, and great food. I used to make a loooot of DIY bracelet back when I was in high school. But it's all gone when I leave my hometown to go to college.
Grandy Shop sweater, unbranded pants, Two Sides hat, Zara clutch, Born Pretty Store watches, Chiel shoes

Speaking of great food, yesterday I had a lunch in De Boliva restaurant. It was a good place to waste your time. The waiters are very nice and you will get an extra discount or special treat (ice cream or coffee) if you follow their social media. What I love the most is their ice cream. It's not so soft and don't use too much milk or vanilla essence (because I don't like milk). The meat is delicious I would lick my plate clean if it's not served in a hot plate :D

PS: I will start to make a list of the fact of myself
#1 I don't like wearing shorts


  1. love your outfit colours ! so bright :)

  2. I love your style..whould you like to follow each other? let me now..

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  3. I love your outfit :) hope you are enjoying your freedom from your exams hehe :)
    have a lovely day

  4. Whoa, congrats on completing your exams!! You are a very wise and chic girl! Love your chain bracelet hun!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  5. Your style is so different that is perfect^^
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  6. heart the color combination! gotta check out that watch store, the watch lookin so good on you <3

  7. Hello adorable, I like your jacket such lovely pop of color! Very very nice bracelet watch indeed! <3

    THAT photo of the food is torture,,, Hungry!

  8. Those pants are so cute! I love floral print so much :) And that hat is just so nice. <3


  9. I love this colorful outfit, and hope your exams went well (also hope you didn't spend too much money on that shopping..haha)! Love your hat and these white shoes (they are so adorable!) :)

  10. Hi darling! Love the outfit, super colorful and fun! I'm not an accessories person either but sometimes they can really make an outfit stand out! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I would love for us to follow each other, I don't have gfc but I have bloglovin! I'm already following you there, would you please follow me back?


  11. That pant. Those shoes !
    Beautiful !

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