Life as A Blogger

Life as a blogger?
Free products, paid articles, cool events, etc etc.
It's actually not like that.


     Anyway, I just got back from my holiday trip to Yogyakarta and Bandung. And I met one of my blogger best friend, Kiko from Monochrome Diary. We sat in a cafe for a while and talked about almost everything. It was our first time to meet each other in real life but I feel like we're some kind of long lost best friend. It was really really nice to meet him that I feel like crying when I left Bandung. Exaggerating I know. Because my family is here in Gresik and my love is here in Surabaya. 
     I love being a blogger. Even though it's hard in real life. And it's actually a relieving feeling when we share a similar experience of being a blogger. The struggles and the difficulties. The weird look that we always get from people when we take pictures in public places. The other handbag that we always bring to place our camera, or the other shoes.
     Paid articles? HAHAH! I literally need at least three days to write an article. Well, maybe it's not the same with the others. But I want to write a read-worthy article and I actually need a lot of references. I spend all day surveying similar articles. Analyzing the statistic from my previous articles. All you need to do is similar to how you make a thesis. Revision over revision. Another exaggerating statement, I know.
     Cool events? LOL! We also have to write a post about those events afterward. That's when we actually have deadlines. One week after the event ends? That's okay. Three days? Let me take a break!
     Life looks so good on the internet but they don't know that we actually some kind of anti-social too. We are also a normal human being and we can feel sad despite the smile that we always show on the social media. We love being with ourselves and avoid people when we feel like it. Politely smile, but then go away. When I sad, I either post nothing for two weeks or post ten pictures in one day. To avoid people, or to hide my sadness. There's no in between. And to be honest, I feel sad almost all the time. I feel sad for myself, then I feel happy. But the next minute, I feel like crying when my family is sad. I feel sad knowing J is sad or tired. I feel sad knowing my friend's sad. You can assume it yourself. I feel sad all the time.
     Blogging is a thing? No. Blogging is a responsibility. To your sponsors, clients, readers, and people around you. Have a wonderful day, bloggers!


  1. + it needs a great confidence.
    + sometimes it can be overwhelming, too.

    Just sayin' 😉

  2. Lol! curcol kak :p

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  4. be blogger need a passion also rizu ahah

    LuckyArd Blog

  5. It was nice abt sharing the same passion and experience of being a blogger with you. I think that we need to meet often to sharing hahaha miss you already anw~ xo



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