Safari Visits

     Go to Taman Safari Indonesia II twice in a row is something to be laughed about. Well at least for me and J. Just because it seems like I have nowhere to go this holiday season, so Taman Safari is the only choice :( Whereas he himself had the chance to go to another place. Camping!! What the F :((( 
     Not that I love hiking, to be honest. I watched his instastories and it got me super jealous. But he said it took 7 hours to climb and I don't think I could survive that. No matter how beautiful it is at the top of the mountain. You, mountain lovers don't get so offensive. I did a mountain climbing back then when I was in junior high school. It was only 2 hours climbing and I went straight to the hospital when I back home the next day. What a weak :(

COLORBOX sweater, Na-Ra Hayley bag
     Oh! But at least I got a proper picture of feeding animals in my second visit to Taman Safari. Since I had to be the one's driving in my first visit and I was hesitant whether to take a really nice picture of animals but let zebras lick my window car or just live the moment and enjoy my short trip without being busy with cameras. 
     You might think I got a lot of animals picture in my second visit, don't ya? Hahahah, well no. I did take a lot of pictures but most of them either blur or unfocused. I'm not a Nat Geo's professional photographer for god sake. So I just gonna show you two pictures :D

Trust me, there's a lot of screaming behind this picture.


  1. you look fabulous!
    love your jeans!!!

  2. aw uauu, such nice shots :D
    and i love your bag, so oriignla

  3. amazing pics!! and your bags are great.

    kisses dear

  4. <3 Perfect look.


  5. Gorgeous Photos babe...xx, Neha

  6. I love your pictures! And your outfit with these white shoes is amazing!
    Greetings from Munich!
    Heidi from

  7. Ficar perto dos animais é bom demais, vale a pena!



  8. Your cupcake purse is so so cute!!! Love it! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  9. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! xx
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    Have a great day!

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