5 Gorgeous Wedding Dresses To Be Obsessed With

     Let's just take a moment to appreciate this. We have survived 18 days of 2017. Alive and well. And I couldn't be happier for all of you, guys. Life is hard and you still here, never gave up on your dreams, no matter how many struggles you find.
     I have been sharing a lot of things with my best friend. Our dreams, education, love-life. Since I graduated from college already and am focusing on being full-time blogger and entrepreneur. So the next step of life that I have to reach is getting married. 

     I saw a lot of my high school friends are married already. Not going to brag about anything, but I think they are too stressed and nervous about their coming wedding day that sometimes, they don't really care about their wedding dress. They let their moms and aunties take care of it. And as much as I love layering outfits or wearing color blocks, color blocking your wedding dress is a big no. You either wearing orange, or purple, but never combine both of them on your wedding dress. Unless you combine it with black. But do you really going to wear black on your wedding day?
     So you ladies really need to stop letting your aunties taking care of your wedding dress. Unless your aunt has a super-famous wedding dress boutique, then don't trust them. Take a deep breath and remember how did exactly you picture your dream wedding dress when you were five
     You don't remember? Let me help you. I've been eye-ing OKdress.uk website for so long and I can say that all of my dream wedding dresses are available at their store. Whether it is beach wedding dresses (which is where I dream my wedding located at) or short wedding dresses. But they don't only focus on wedding dress, they also selling evening dresses, jewelry, costumes, and etc. They provide good products with the highest quality and lowest price. Their wedding dresses price range is from £43.00 - £325.09.
     Here are the most gorgeous wedding dress to inspire you for your wedding day. Let me know what do you think?

This two-pieces wedding dress is so pretty. And you can show off your beautiful cinderella shoes too because the skirt is in penguin tail style.
Classical Long Sleeves Lace Natural Zipper Wedding Dresses

Simple, yet demanding. This beautiful dress will make you feel like a queen.
Chiffon Yarn White Natural Chapel Train Wedding Dresses

Mermaid dress is personally my favorite. And it's better because the details are ruffles <3
Delightful Sleeveless Scoop Ruffles Court Train Wedding Dresses 

This dress is actually a dream comes true for me. All sequins at the upper side and all lace for the bottom <3
Fine A-Line/Princess Sequin Zipper Sleeveless Wedding Dresses

Off shoulder lace dress? Count me in! This beautiful A-line dress is something you can't be missed.
Glorious Cathedral Train Princess Off-the-shoulder Lace Wedding Dresses


  1. I love all of them:)


  2. That first dress is my absolute fave, I love the top lace with the little peek-a-boo panel at the waist.


  3. These are so beautiful. I prefer short wedding dresses so I'd be curious to see what they have!

    Chanel | Je M'appelle Chanel

  4. Oh, how pretty! I'm in love with all of them :) <3
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  5. So beautiful dresses, i like it. Thanks for sharing !


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