Gift Ideas: Home (DRINKWARE)

     For the love of mugs. It's the easiest gift idea to give your loved ones. Because everybody loves mugs. Even if they don't, everybody needs mugs to drink.  You must already know about my long lost love for cute mugs. I mean look at that cute kitten instagram-able mug! It's been a while since I wanted to write this post and share you, my favorite place to shop affordable cute mugs. For a coffee addict like me, my coffee will taste better if I drink it from cute mugs.

Okay, maybe you just want to buy them for yourself (because I do :p). Here we go:

1. Pineapple Golden Tumbler - You might want to use this luxurious tumbler as a decoration instead.
2. Hens Cup - This cup is just so colorful. That pink color inside got me weak.
3. The Bride Mug - A perfect gift for your bride to be best friend
4. Yellow Pineapple Tumbler - Someone said pool party?
5. Fox Cup 
6. Stripe and Gold Mug - For those who love minimalist essentials
7. Unicorn Mug - Because we all do believe that unicorn is real, right?
8. Kitten Mug - Can't get enough of it. Totally instagram-able mug

What do you think? Have you found something that caught your interest?


  1. I'm in love with the first :p

  2. These mugs are all so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like your blog

  4. The fox and kitten mug are adorable, so cute!


  5. I'm obsessed with all things pineapple! Great post

  6. Well, I agree with you, that drink could be tasted better with cute mug! My favorite one is that foc mug, omg super adorable! I guess your favorite is the unicorn & pineapple, right? :)



  7. These are the cutest mugs I've ever seen! I need that unicorn one <3

  8. that yellow pineapple tumbler is everything
    so cute and so perfect for summer

    The Sweetest Escape

  9. cups and mugs are the best gifts! And I love that pineapple tumbler too!


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