Oh! Almost Goodbye to Spring

Scarlet House top, Gaudi cape, Unbranded pants, Mom's handbag, Up wedges
Hey-o I'm back \(^o^)/

Finally I'm home again after a week being out of town for college. Do you guys go to college like me? what do you like the most about being a college student?

I like it. ALMOST all of it. Being far away from parents is fun. I can do whatever whenever I want to do. But it suck either. Losing money fast is one of my problem. With my shopping hobby, hanging out, watching movies, and etc.

By the way, I know it's almost summer and can't wait for it :D Still loving the floral pattern from spring because spring is my favorite. FLORAL NEVER DIES!!! I love all the colors from so many flower. It feels refreshing. Although there're only two seasons in Indonesia :( I will always love the spring.

Let me know your favorite season and why do you love it?

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