As Orange As My Heart

Today I'm a nerd

So, if blue means sad and pink means love, I would proudly describe orange as happiness. Even if it's not :D Two days ago I uploaded a pic of me in What I Wear Today as F&F Seven Days of Summer style challenge. My very first pic I uploaded, and I didn't expect anything. This morning I received an email, that my pic is one of editor's choice. You can check it out here.

It really is a big deal for me actually. Aaaah!! My first photo that got editor's choice. I even have only ONE follower. But I found happiness in this situation. Like I've said before. Happiness is everywhere you stand. Just set it in your mind, "Keep smiling. Although it's raining and you lost and you have nowhere to go. Be grateful with everything God gives to you. You will always find your own happiness."

Z.U.N.A blazer, Another Me jumpsuit, UP wedges, Korean Necklace


  1. thanks for your comment, and in reply yeah i guess it kinda is, or tortoiseshell. Were you thinking of entering because I don't think I've received an entry?
    Lucia x

  2. great post!! :)
    Have a nice day! xoxo
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  3. That peach is such a pretty color!


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