Hijab Style: Midi Dress (Clozette x LOVE BONITO)

     Wearing midi dress with hijab is something you can commonly see nowadays. Some hijabi usually pairs it with legging, or stocking, or even jeans to cover the legs part. I don't know if you notice this, but I realize that kind of style make you look shorter. I already short in real life and I don't want to look any more shorter than that. Imagine this. J is short if compared to his friends, and he is still much taller than me. Can you imagine how short I am now? Midi dress, especially the up knee ones, is supposed to make you look taller (if you don't wear hijab). I used to wear a midi dress a lot just before I decided to wear hijab. But since I started to wear hijab, I kinda avoid wearing that thing again.
     When Clozette offers me a collaboration project with LOVE BONITO, I immediately think that maybe it's the time to start wearing a midi dress just like old times. Because let's admit, their midi dresses collection are beyond beautiful. When it's arrived in front of my door, I literally jumped in joy. The most perfect lace dress I've ever seen. The material is amazing and it flows down my body beautifully. 

     To overcome the crisis I once had about wearing a midi dress with hijab, I tried to pair it with culottes instead. And God, I'm proud with that! This combination might look slightly complicated, but it's actually so comfy to wear. Remember this, ladies! Never wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable. No matter how expensive it is, no matter how beautiful it is, if you're not confident wearing it, then it's no use! You need to be confident with what you wear. And in order to do that, you need to be comfortable in it. 
     The culottes really do the trick of not making me look short. Or if you want, a maxi skirt can be a substitute for that. The dress comes with no sleeves, so for hijabi, like it or not you have to wear an outerwear or an inner blouse. I choose an inner blouse. If you choose to wear outerwear instead, my tip for you is, wear a coat or long blazer. A jacket or a waist-length blazer can make you look short. Not that you have to do anything I said because once again, I give a tip by my experience. And it's all based on my body appearance. I am short, so I give you some tips on what to wear and what not to wear for short ladies. And vice versa. If you are tall, you can choose a waist-length jacket to make you look less tall, hehe :D
     The shopping experience with LOVE BONITO it self is so much fun because of the free shipping that they offer. Seriously, who doesn't love free shipping? If you a first timer, please not that the website is www.lovebonito.co.id (not .com) and I promise you won't ever regret shopping there.

LOVE BONITO dress, Aleen pants, Berrybenka heels, ZARA clutch, Mada & Keyla inner blouse


  1. You look stunning! Love your style of layering! °₊·ˈ

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. That clutch is adorable! Enjoyed the outfit. http://www.mrsqbeauty.com

  3. You look stunning ! Love the pastel colours and ruffles
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  4. This combination looks gorgeously perfect.
    And yes, you look tall
    It works

    Brilliant idea, zunaa

  5. (Also me. wkwkkw)

    I still remember the "Big Change" that happened with your appearance some months ago. I guess you'll stop doing OOTD things, but it surprised me alo (Like ALOT) that you keep doing it, but better, in a hijab.

    I'm s proud

    Keep it up, unicornn

  6. OMG your pants Zuna! Cakep banget <33333


  7. Flare on flare can't be this good Rizu, omg! You rock the sleeveless dress into a whole new thing, standing applause! <3 <3



  8. Es muy original la blusa y los zapatos son ideales.

  9. Awww. You look amazing! And I'm loving the addition of those cute handbag <3

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