6 Ways to Help You Get Out of Depression

     Depression or anxiety is not something we can underestimate. It's not something we can easily brush off and pretend that it doesn't exist. Because when someone is depressed, they tend to see their surroundings negatively. With negative minds. And negative minds lead to negative things. It's a black hole, peeps, trust me.

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     I had fallen into that black hole for a while and it felt like everything around me held nothing but sadness. There's nothing could make me feel happy even though it's just for a slight second. Fortunately, I got a lot of support from friends. They didn't leave me alone at my lowest point of life and were there for me until I get better.
     But come to think of it, I never actually feels like I'm completely off from depression. And the anxiety attack visits me sometimes. But I feel better. I know I'm better now because I realized that it's all just my negative mind playing tricks on me. Beware, peeps! If you feel a never ending sadness for weeks, you might have fallen into a depression. So here are some simple tips if you think you might or almost fall into a depression
1. Hang out with friends. Trying a new cafe in town is definitely something you can always do. But make sure you don't go alone. Even though later on you found out that the menu served is not delicious at all. The most important thing is you go out with your friends. Not being alone in your room thinking about negative things. Have a seat in the corner of the cafe and do a small talk. It will help avoid negative thinks cross into your mind.
2. Clean up your room. A messy room is not something to please your eyes. Start now. Throw up that paper test you've been hiding from your mom since high school because you got a D. Change your bed sheet. Reorganize your closet or your desk. Anything to make your hand quite busy. In fact, try to redecorate it. Buy new furniture or pillows. Just something different to get a brand new view to look at.
3. Don't watch movies from your laptop. Because from my experience, it's not helping me to avoid negative things that cross in my mind. I tend to press the pause button a lot so my mind could wander for a while. And it's not good because then I think about bad things. Go to a movie theater instead.
4.  Always believe that things will get better eventually. Search motivational quotes on pinterest, save what suits you the most and have a little faith.
5. You can't find your own happiness? Then you might want to try to do something kind to make other people happy. Happiness spreads, trust me. Isn't it the best feeling when you see other people smile at something you do for them?
6. Positive minds lead to positive things. And vice versa. Remember that. "Today will be a great day!" say it every morning. Try something new to do and achieve something you never thought before. Develop positive mantras for yourself.

There. Remember that. I wish you happiness, peeps!


  1. These are really great tips, also praying about it helps also. Thanks for sharing.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

  2. Such important tips . Thanks for sharing
    + You look amazing

  3. Such a great post - thank you!


  4. such amazing post! thanks for sharing, dear <3
    you looks so gorgeous, love your shoes so much !



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