Neogen Bio-Peel & Real Fresh Foam Review: CLOZETTE

     In a world full of beauty blogger, I don't know why I'm not really interested in being one. I love watching all those makeup tutorials, learning the dos and don'ts of makeup, and reading product reviews before buying them. I'll do a product review too once in a while, but I think I'm just going to stick with fashion or lifestyle blogger title. If you've been my reader for a while, then you must notice that I'm a storyteller. I like to write about my life, my thoughts, or random miscellaneous things. I like to treat my blog as my online diary (believe it or not, I love to write diary since I was a kid. And had a lot of diary book filled with my ugly handwriting).
     A few days ago, NEOGEN had a collaboration with Clozette Indonesia and I got a chance to review some of their 'it' products. I don't usually take a beauty products review offer, but to be honest, I've been eyeing the Bio Peel for a while. I've never heard a bad review about it so I really wanted to buy and try the products. My skin is super sensitive and I've already had one bad experience of trying new skincare product that everyone says it's the best, but it didn't turn out well on my skin. I guess that is one of the reasons why I don't want to jump into beauty blogger world and reviewing a lot of products. I don't have that much money to go meet Dermatologist every time there is something wrong with my skin after trying some products. 

So here I am doing something I rarely do and giving you my honest review of two Neogen products. the famous Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Lemon and Neogen Real Fresh Foam Green Tea. I hope this review helps you decide whether buying the products is worthy or not.


First impression
I don't know how to call it. The box? The bottle? Let's just call it the packaging, shall we? The packaging is too big and too heavy for my liking. It contains 30 peels of pad. Definitely take a lot of space in your luggage if you want to bring it when you travel. I suggest you only take 2-3 peels and put it inside a lighter box since it's supposed to used 2-3 times a week. Unless you travel longer than that. It smells super nice God I love this kind of fresh lemon smell. in every piece of peel, there are two sides. One side with rough surface and the other side is soft like a pad.

The claim and how to use
The product claim to smooth your skin. Manual exfoliation pads combined with chemical peeling effect of the lemon serum help remove dead skin cells, cleanse, and purify the skin. It also claim to deliver brighter, healthier and refreshed skin.

After cleansing, use one gauze to gently sweep across dry face and neck in outward motion avoiding eye area. Apply more to problem area and rinse with lukewarm water. Follow with your daily toning.

Do I recommend this product?
DEFINITELY YES I DO! Here's what happens the first time I tried the product. You can see clearly that my dead skin cells are lifted and stick to the pad. Can you imagine how satisfied I was?

Like I said before, it smells pleasant and refreshing. And it really is smooth my skin. I can't stop stroking my cheek just because how smooth it is after using the product. And it just only once. Also, it really makes your skin a lot brighter and hydrated.


First impression
The packaging is still big to my liking but it's not as heavy as the Neogen Bio-Peel. It contains 160g of cleanser that go bubbly when you pump it out. It smells good, but not as nice as the lemon smells of Neogen Bio-Peel. 

The claim and how to use
This hydrating foam cleanser lathers up to remove impurities, dirt, and makeup. Leaving skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Pump 1 to 2 puffs and gently massage all over wet face. Rince well with lukewarm water.

Do I recommend this product?
Though I still love the Bio-Peel more, I do recommend you this product. Not just because how soft the bubbly foam is, but also because every time I use this cleanser, I feel like my skin is instantly smoother. 

Overall, I agree with everyone testimonials about Neogen products. They are damn good I assure you. And it works well with my skin. The Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Lemon is my favorite. In fact, it becomes my favorite skincare routine that I use 2 times a week. 

You can learn more about these products by clicking this >> NEOGEN or


  1. Great article, I have the same green tea foam. its amazing! :)



  2. Great post dear

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  3. lucuuu banget fotonya heheheh warna warni cerah gitu

  4. Awesome revieww
    Is that unisex?

    Fotonya pake apa beb, zernihhh

    1. Mirrorless Aul. Olympus EPL-6 45mm f1.8
      Tapi habis itu masih diedit lagi pake ColorStory app biar makin bersihh. Yang bikin bagus aplikasinya ini hehe. Saking cintanya sama aplikasi ini aku sampe rela beli semua filternya :D

  5. Wah, dari kapan hari kepengin banget coba Neogen Bio Peel gara-gara liat video di Youtube <3 Kayaknya bener-bener wajib coba nih !
    Dan yang paling aku kaget adalah ini pertama kali aku baca review product di blog kamu Rizu, foto-fotonya gila keren bangetttt <3


    1. That's bcs aku emang jarang banget banget review produk beb :D apalagi skincare yg nempel langsung ke wajah kek gini. Sensitive banget soalnya kulitku jadi ga berani sering coba-coba :(

  6. thank you so much for the review, def will try out the product soon <3

    cheer, michelle ~


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