The Girl Whose Obsessed With Flamingo

Come to think of it, I never really try to pull off a vintage look. Not because that I don't like vintage outfits (trust me, I love to 'steal' my mother's old outfits) but because I feel like I'm more a modern colorful girl than a vintage girl. Don't lie! When you hear the word 'vintage' all that comes into your mind must be this old-fashioned look with earth color such as brown, green, or gray. You probably never think that pink can also pull off a nice vintage look. I felt in love the first time I saw this Pink Flamingo dress by Unique Vintage. I love flamingo! What could go wrong with flamingos? Nothing!! When the dress has arrived in front of my door, it feels like a challenge to me to wear it. Since I wear hijab, I have to wear the dress with a lil bit of mix & match. This time, you must agree with me that mix & match is the most fun part of styling. The dress makes me feel like living in early 90's and I find it pleasurable. I like this dress so much I can't stop swirling LOL. 


  1. Amazing outfit babe.. you look damn pretty luvvvv miss ya

    xx, Kiko from Monochrome Diary

  2. Your photos are so vibrant! Definitely love this outfit! :)

    Xx, Lora | Cherry Cola Style

  3. You look great on that dress!
    Where's the locations, Rizu?
    Please tell me (maybe dm on my ig?) lol


  4. I love the vintage look you tried pulling off- so colorful and cute too! Perfect fun amusement park background to match the outfit:)

    Simplee Nikkie

  5. I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!!! The colours go really well together and I get all the feel good vibes :D


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