Blogging 101: Collaboration Story

     Before I started, I just wanted to make things clear here that my blog doesn't worth that much now. I hope someday it will tho. Of course through my hard work and competence to write a post regularly (too lazy to do that, blame me all you want). I'm not really a pro at this and blogging is not my first job but 4 years in this industry makes me have quite enough experience to share. About what job offer to take and how to build a good relationship with brands.
     Despite how important a sponsor to bloggers, I believe that both parties (brands and bloggers) have to set up a manner. Just because you are famous, doesn't mean you can arbitrary treat the brands. And just because you're the one paying for those bloggers to review your product, doesn't mean you can fool them too. I've experienced the bad treatment as both brand and blogger myself so you might find this post is about me complaining people to not become so cold-hearted.
     As a blogger, I often get some brands email me to collaborate. Two years ago, I would gladly accept them all and write a post telling nonsense to my reader to buy a product from the brands who pay me. Even though if I get to be honest, I myself won't buy a single product from them. But I keep writing posts for them just to get couple bucks. Lately, I'm more focus to review products that I actually like instead of telling nonsense to my reader. I don't care if I just get the product to review and don't get paid at all. For me, it's about giving an honest review to my reader. But sometimes, you just have to deal with some unwell mannered people from the brands and in my case, it just makes me want to bad mouth them instead.
Apparently, there is this China-based fashion brand that contacted me through my email and offer me a collaboration. Long story short, I checked their products and accept the job. I have to write two posts for them in exchange of free products (I don't get a payment for this, but just like I said, it's okay as long as I love the product). The problem began when I already published the first post and choose the products I want from their webstore. I send them the links to my choice of products so they can send them as their promise. Instead of sending the products, they said that their shipping company doesn't ship to my country so, in order for me to get the products, I have to manually order the products from their website and pay it with Paypal. Are you kidding me? Hell no, I won't! If the problem is the shipping company, is it logical for me to order and pay the products? It's no difference because the shipping company itself CAN'T ship to my country, am I right?
     Anyway, if you haven't know about it yet, I also represent myself as a brand owner. And as a brand, Na-Ra Hayley also needs some promotions from influencers as well as bloggers. So yes, I often contact bloggers to offer a collaboration in exchange for free products for them (you can send me a collaboration proposal too, by the way). But you know, some bloggers are underestimating the collaboration they have just because they only get free products and not money.
It was last year, I guess. I get an email from a girl claimed to be 'influencer' because of how many followers she has on Instagram and how many big brands have done a collaboration with her. She sent me a collaboration proposal and ask for a free product from me. My brand was just a baby back then so I take what I can get. I waited for 2 months to get posted on Instagram and to be honest, I was upset. Not just because she took the photo carelessly, but also she didn't even mention nor tag my brand on her photo. Of course, I complained asking to get a tag and mentioned in the caption but she never replied my email so I was angry. And she was angry too because she said I was bugging her so much and she has a real job outside of Instagram that needs to be taken care more. And has no time to mention or tag me on her photo that we all know only take less than one minute to do so.
     I mean, come on, people! Let's be responsible with our job no matter how small or big it is. We need each other equally. So let's be friends and play nice in this industry, okay? Have you ever experienced a troublesome collaboration too? Share it with me in the comment section below. I would love to hear your story!


  1. Its all about playing nice to make it a better environment to grow x

  2. Thank Godness, my clients and partners are all kind hearted one.
    Both of me and them always satisfied in the end, for our collabs.

    Maybe because I rarely got freebies as the fee (which potentially might resulting on unsatisfaction from one of the side)(Btw I got many freebies from zalora as ambassador reward, but they're never send any single complain at all because they don't care about the tag and mentions lol). Most of my works are paid review-post with not-so-complicated agreements which is waaaayy easier.

    But yeah, I once ever experienced (a little) annoying collab too. A brand from USA ask me to create an outfit plans in collage photos and share it on my fashion blog. As reward, they offered to put my blog link in their their recommendation page. You know what, I have to edit the article again and again for weeks because they send me so many addition to do this-and-that with the article, including to add this link and delete that hyperlink and put this label and remove that label and add this sentence and blablablabla

    the last email from the brand asked me to edit the article again as they want but I ignored them until now. And I delete that stupid article from my blog hahahahhahaha #Savage

    Keep spirit zuna
    Don't let anyone drag you down and don't let anyone turn your fire off

    You're awesome

  3. I know how that feels bcs i'm living as both, client and blogger. The respect of each other is a must. Don't let anything drag you down darling. Count this as your experience:)

    sending loves,
    Kiko Kim

  4. Hi, interesting post. I'm your new follower :)

  5. Oh how horrible that you had such bad experiences as both a brand and a blogger! I used to accept all requests that got sent my way, I'm only blogging for fun so it was nice to get some 'freebies'.
    Then a friend came up to me and asked me for some advice for dealing with a company I'd recently blogged about - as she'd bought a gift for her mum and was having issues, she wanted me to talk to the company for her. It broke my heart because I couldn't help, I'd just been given something free to share and had no contact with anyone high up in the company or had experienced their customer service.

    I started saying No a lot more after that, I didn't realise that I was endorsing companies when I accepted free things, I'm much more aware now and pickier about who I partner with!

    I hope that you have had a lovely weekend! Warmer here today, which is nice after a cold week last week, but the rain is back which isn't so good!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. Two of these china clothing companies are sending me 1-3 emails in a week. I declined them first nicely, but emails still keeps coming and coming and now I'm just like how can I block their million emails? I have seen many bloggers do collabs with them, but they are not for me and I have said that to them couple of times. Now I feel like it's just spam. But other than that, I have good experience with bloggers and brands! I usually decline if I don't need the product or I wouldn't buy it myself, and usually brands will understand that.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

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