What's Going On?

Hi Human!
     I've been facing some troubles lately and my mood is no longer ... actually, I don't feel anything at all. My friends say I'm a drama queen but now I can't even scream about it. I think it's beyond sad, angry, and the only thing I want is just to disappear for a long long time. J told me that I need to get away from home for a while or cut my hair. I did them both. But when I finally back home yesterday, the emptiness and sadness rushing back to me. I guess I shouldn't back home already :(
     That feeling when you want to disappear and not having any human being around you. This feeling is awful. It's awful. It's awful. J's presence calms me down as always but I think it's already driving me to despair . Especially when he's not around.
     And I've been wanting to take a break from social media for a while. But there's still a lot of sponsored products I need to review and post. And I still have to look happy in front of my friends, my parents. Well, life must go on, I guess


  1. Don't know what's going on with your life but just as you know there's always a way out! Take care! If you wanna take a break from social media, go ahead! Good luck my dear friend:D


  2. Do something for yourself. Workout, pamper yourself, meditate. Take some 20 mins for yourself only everyday to hear your thoughts, speak positively to yourself. Change your routine a bit.. Don't worry too much, You'll be fine.
    Sending you a lot of positive energy :)
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


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