Blue-ish Gold

     Metallic colors seem quite popular these days. Metallic skirt, whether it's in pink rose, silver, even gold is already worn by a lot of fashionista around the world. I've been eye-ing this pink metallic skirt from Schmiley Mo by Diana Rikasari for a while now. Since they made their second debut at Jakarta Fashion Week but it hasn't launched yet :(     
     There's a lot of styles you can choose with mix n matching the metallic color skirts. You can wear it with a t-shirt and black leather jacket to make you look classy yet swaggy. Or you can pair it with an oversized sweater to make a sporty yet feminine look. And of course, it's perfect for fall/winter season because the sweater will always make you feel warm and comfy.

     Just like what I said before. It's perfect for this kind of season. Which is rainy season in Indonesia. And me being me, I don't really care if my umbrella is to small (and I still have to share it with my best friend). As long as it's cute and perfect ootd properties, then I'm fine with a little bit wet ;)

the girl I shared my umbrella with :)


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