What I Wore That Day

     Yes, I promised to post something everyday. But if you already read my previous post, then I hope you understand. My life is not that easy lately. I took a lot of ootd pictures and posted them up on Instagram, but I don't really have the mood to post a long written article on the blog. 

     Today was... I woke up in the worst mood I've ever had. And I had to call and take out all my anger to him. He didn't do anything wrong tho'. It's just me and my period. And surprisingly my mood had become better after that. And surprisingly again, I'm willing to open my blog and write something.
The guy who put up my complicated and drama life.
Said he'd gladly help me take my ootd pictures, but rarely did that :(

GAUDI top, Accent pants, Amanda Jane by Be Bop shoes, NA-RA HAYLEY bag, Dresslink glasses, @chocoberryhouse (instagram) hat.


  1. You look so so cool :D Love your pants :D

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  2. You look fabulous:) Lovely bag:)
    Have a great day!


  3. Such a great combo, love it, especially the bag, I have a same one but bit smaller ;) xo


  4. That cupcake bag is so fun! Love the photos :)

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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