Random Thoughts of The Night

     It's kinda mortifying don't you think? The fact that 'sometimes' people are just being so rude to other people who are not at the same level as them. Whether it is beauty level or wealth level. They tend to associate with other people who are similar to them. Big city girls hang out with other big city girls. Rich kids hang out with other rich kids. Small town girls hang out with small town girls (well unless she is a rich small town girl) because they feel inferior if they hang out with big city girls. You know what I mean?
     Okay well, it's not like we are in the movie where rich girls bully poor girls. But sometimes, people appearance itself can make other people feel intimidated. Like how Andrea Sachs feels intimidated by her co-worker Emily Charlton because Emily was so stylish and luxurious in The Devil Wears Prada movie.
     Rather than sad, I just feel ashamed. For those who dressed up nicely with designer bags and shiny cars to be so unwilling to associate with others in an ordinary style. Don't we are all just human?

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