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Heavenly Taste Dipping Sauce Recipes

Most people don't realize that a great dipping sauce is crucial for the taste of your food. It can level up your food game recipe into dream-worthy kind of food but also can ruin everything. And that might be the reason why I find most diner which serves french fries are kinda failed. Seriously, it's just french fries and they can't even make it a good one? Also happens to chicken wings menu, nugget, or any other kind of food with additional sauce as the dressing.
I mean, why would you settle with chili sauce and mayonnaise if you can make a heavenly taste dipping sauce in just three simple ingredients?
Well, let's say goodbye to those dark days because today I'm going to share two quick and super easy dipping sauce recipes that going to make your simple french fries taste like it comes out from the kitchen of celebrity chef! (Well, I never eat celebrity chef's food actually but I don't want to overuse the word 'heavenly' in this article)

Hey There!

I don't remember the last time I posted an article. It's almost two months ago I guess. So many bad things currently happening in my life right now and I kinda need a break from the internet. Not that I successfully did it. One of those bad things includes the break up with J. If you wonder why? I don't know. Out of the blue, it's just happened. One minute we still had that fun and nice midnight talk on the phone and the next thing I know, we broke up in the morning.

Said the long distance relationship doesn't work for him anymore. Well, if he thought so, I can't really hold him any longer now. We ended our relationship in a good way, but to be completely honest, I'm still confused. You might see me bright and shiny on Instagram but it's actually far from that. I've been trying to avoid being sad about this but one night I just couldn't keep it anymore and cried to my best friend (who actually also lives hundreds of miles away from me. Sometimes, I wonder how could I manage to live myself being far far away from all of my loved ones). Come to think about it, all my relationship or friendship status is a long distance one.

Well, I hope the bad days will soon come to an end. I kinda miss being surrounded by positive energy and a lot of creative ideas.

Aku dan Surabayaku

     Jadi tulisan kali ini bukanlah tulisan yang akan mengangkat isu sensitif. Hanya sedikit curhatan salah satu warga kota Surabaya yang beberapa hari lalu mendapat serangan teroris beruntun yang kalian semua pasti sudah tahu detailnya dari berbagai media sosial.

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Review: AVOSKIN Deluxe Essential Series

     Blogger macam apa ya aku nih. Janji mau jadi blogger rajin, tapi eh ternyata sudah hampir dua bulan aku ngga nulis. Sedih banget huhu, tapi emang dua bulan kemarin tuh beneran ngga ada niat sama sekali buat buka blog gara-gara terjadi sesuatu di hidupku yang bikin down banget. Ah kapan-kapan aja lah ya aku cerita. Soalnya hari ini aku mau ngenalin produk skincare lokal yang lagi happening banget. 
     Ya ya benar. Produk skincare yang mau aku review hari ini adalah rangkaian produk Avoskin yang aku dapat dari Clozette yaitu Avoskin Deluxe Essential Series dan Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence. Udah sejak jauh hari dapatnya sih. Tapi karena aku cobain dulu, jadi ya baru sekarang bisa kasih review. Terdapat empat produk dalam rangkaian Avoskin Deluxe Essential Series, yaitu Hydrating Treatment Essence, Naufa Pure Olive Oil Bar Sop, Intensive Divine Day Cream, dan Luminous Emulsion Night Cream. Yuk lah mari kita bahas satu-satu.

Keeping Up with The Capricorns

     Few months ago, I wrote an article about Why Online Friends Can be The Best Friends. Please click the link if you haven't read about it because few days ago, I met up with one of my best (online) friends again, Rima during my visit to Jakarta. The last time I met her was four months ago and since I'm the kind of person who always keep in touch with my friends, so I had to catch up with her. 
     Well, not really. I don't keep in touch with a lot of people too. So it depends on how positive your vibes are for me. I just think that it's the time for me to start thinking about my life and how environment can really affect my mental health. So I want to limit myself of going out with people I'm not comfortable with.