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Gili Island Tips & Travel Guide

     A beach trip is never actually my thing. When it comes to holiday, my mind automatically thinks about staying at home, watching Netflix with my third cup of coffee, and yet the caffeine won't stop me from taking a nap. Moreover, when it comes to public holiday, my mind automatically thinks about how would I spend the day with J. Because he usually comes home (more like I force him to come home). But again, we would just go to a movie theatre or try a new cafe or restaurant.

Hijab Style: Midi Dress (Clozette x LOVE BONITO)

     Wearing midi dress with hijab is something you can commonly see nowadays. Some hijabi usually pairs it with legging, or stocking, or even jeans to cover the legs part. I don't know if you notice this, but I realize that kind of style make you look shorter. I already short in real life and I don't want to look any more shorter than that. Imagine this. J is short if compared to his friends, and he is still much taller than me. Can you imagine how short I am now? Midi dress, especially the up knee ones, is supposed to make you look taller (if you don't wear hijab). I used to wear a midi dress a lot just before I decided to wear hijab. But since I started to wear hijab, I kinda avoid wearing that thing again.
     When Clozette offers me a collaboration project with LOVE BONITO, I immediately think that maybe it's the time to start wearing a midi dress just like old times. Because let's admit, their midi dresses collection are beyond beautiful. When it's arrived in front of my door, I literally jumped in joy. The most perfect lace dress I've ever seen. The material is amazing and it flows down my body beautifully. 

Gotta Write This Down Just So I Remember (Part 1)

     Actually, I'm not the kind of girl who falls for the look. Neither wealth or career. And I don't do romance things but if you read this post, I warn you that what you are about to read is my love story. A typical love story that you might find it boring. But since I love this guy, so whatever painful and boring our story is, I don't want to have it any other way. It's crazy when I think about the past time. How I tried to stay away and not getting too attached to this guy. Everything is upside down now. He is like my own comfort zone. And I kinda hate him for it, because whenever I'm with him, it feels like I don't belong anywhere else again.

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Ruffles. And a Thought (again)

Do you have some kind of style you are currently addicted to? Because I do. Mine is the ruffle style. Whether it's on my sleeve, my shoulder, anywhere. I love it and I'll choose it over and over again. (Just like I love J and will choose him over and over again. Haha it's a weird metaphor). To have the ruffle details on my pants? Oooh! Definitely yes! To be honest, I already lost count on how many outfits in my closet that has ruffle details on it. 

Midnight Thought

     It's 23:53 here. I've been yawning for a while now. But I don't really want to sleep anytime soon. And my mind wanders back to the time when I was in college. Surrounded by a lot of friends that actually nowhere to be seen right now. Not in real life or in social media. Not that they don't have any social media but we just never really stay in touch despite a lot of platforms we have, saying that we are friends. And we are still friends indeed. Just don't really try to stay in touch.
     Or "I" do not really try to stay in touch with them. For a reason that I think is enough for me to make a decision to stay away. Because lately, we are no longer friends through thick and thin. Life happens and we don't really want to get involved in each other's problems anymore. It's just beginning to feel like, "call me when you want to hang out!" and never "call me if you have some problems!"
     There's this one time that I had a problem and literally cried for help. And nobody's listening. Or maybe, they pretend they never listen. Or they think my depression is some kind of joke. Forcing me to talk to them but then, never really think it's a serious matter. 

So I left. I love them still but I left. And I am not sorry about that :(