Staycation: Josh Hotel Bangkok

     Yass! I've been wanting to write about Josh Hotel before I even went there. To be honest, Josh Hotel might be the most expensive hotel I stayed in when I travel aboard. I mean, I rarely had a vacation  that took less than three nights so might as well staying in a budget room because I probably gonna be busy to explore the city anyway. But this hotel has been appearing in my Instagram's explore tabs for awhile and I got curious, hence the decision to give it a try.

    As usual, I'm gonna write an honest review and my opinion about Josh Hotel. The room, the restaurant, the service, etc and I hope this review helps you to make the decision whether this hotel is worth to stay in based on your budget or not. 

     Josh Hotel located in 19/2 Phaolyothin Road, Soi Ari 4 (Nua), Phayathai, Bangkok, Thailand. The location is a bit 'unusual' I guess. I wouldn't say it's located in a dark alley, but I need to walk approximately 200 meters in a less lighting street to reach a more crowded area with all the cafes and street food stalls. The nearest subway station is Ari BTS Station and it's 500 meters from the hotel, it's pretty exhausting to walk with an empty stomach, you know.

place to go bangkok

hotel lucu bangkok
The Lobby. You can find a lot of cute merchandise of this hotel in front of receptionist desk. They also have a lot of vinyl too. I don't know if they sell those vinyls or not, I didn't ask.

     The room is a bit small. Or at least the type of room I chose. It costs around THB 1400 for one night including breakfast for two people. We need to pay THB 500 for deposit that will be returned when we check out. There's not much space left to pray (for us muslims) with our luggages and all. But the great thing is, it has balcony. It's not a beautiful city view that you get to see from the balcony so do not expect that. The view is simply a neighborhood view of another condo, locals being busy with their activities, or some empty alley. Call me exaggerating but the view totally give me vibe of being locals, you know what I mean? It's not pretty but I quite enjoyed the view while sipping my morning coffee.
     The bathroom is also small and it's quite hard to move inside just to tell you how small it is. Okay let me get this straight. I may seem like complaining a lot about small space, small closet, small balcony, but it doesn't mean I don't like it. In fact I really love the room though there are some inconvenience in it. It's quite comfy and I really love the retro and colorful interior.
     Oh I forgot. They gave us 2 bottles of water as complimentary (yes there's fridge in the room woohoo!). But coffee and tea are not provided in the room so you need to make your own coffee in the hallway. Remember how to get my morning coffee when I stayed in Yats Colony Yogyakarta? It's exactly like that. You can read Yats Colony review here.

Here's the view from our little balcony.

     You're gonna pay less THB 300 than the rate I mentioned above if you book a room without breakfast. But since I intended to write a review about this hotel, then of course I need to have the breakfast. There's a long table where you can choose a light breakfast such as cereal, or toast. But they actually have 4 main menu for breakfast. American Breakfast (which consist omelette, sausage, bacon, etc), Pad Thai, Fried rice, and French toast (with butter and jam). I choose Pad Thai because I thought it's seafood Pad Thai and it's the only menu that doesn't mention 'pork' (I'm muslim duh) in the description. But turns out, they did put pork inside my Pad Thai I'm so going to hell for this. I know I should've choose French Toast instead but I'm sorry bread won't be my first choice for breakfast if there's another one in the menu.
     The restaurant is located side to side with pool area. The interior is cozy and reminds me of grandma house which I like that a lot and the staff is super friendly and helpful. There's actually one other cafe, an ice cream shop, and a boutique in the hotel but they open around 11 am and I didn't get the chance to check that out.

cute cafe bangkok

Ice cream shop bangkok

     So here's my most favorite part of the hotel. The swimming pool! You can literally take pictures in every corner of this pool and all of them would be instagram worthy. Just to describe how cool is the pool for you. Most guest use the pool in the evening. If I remember correctly, I didn't see any sign that said the pool is for guest only. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because all strangers I came across that day at the pool were all guests of the hotel (I know because we use the same lift, duh!)

Josh Hotel Bangkok


  1. WOW! What a wonderful place to stay, I can see why you wanted to write about it. The color palette and design. And love your photos really brings it to life!

    Allie of

  2. Yang langsung membuat mata ga bisa beralih tu warna-warnanya ya mb... Warna-warni,ceria sekali. Banyak spot menarik untuk berfoto.. Semoga kapan-kapan bisa main ke situ.. Nice info..

  3. Awesome placeeeee
    You must be enjoying your staycation there ^^

    Kenapa you kalo foto estetic amat.
    And that filter, OMG.

    Bisa bisa aku belajar lightroom juga deh =.=

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