Social Distance?

Basically, social distance means staying away from the crowd. Staying at home, doesn't go to work (for some people), doesn't go to the mall, doesn't meet with friends, doesn't go anywhere. It's highly suggested due to the outbreak of Coronavirus since between December last year till the beginning of 2020. Some people do meditating, spent time with family, but somehow here in my country, people use this 'lockdown' to go on vacation, like seriously?

The purpose of schools being locked down is to prevent the virus from spreading rapidly. We all know the spreading will be multiple times faster in a crowded place, yet people think schools being locked down means it's time to go on vacation. Help me I'm going insane with what are those people thinking.

Despite people being confused, anxious, or even bored during this social distance because they can't do anything they used to do, it doesn't really affect my life too much. Since I own a business and most of the time I work from home, it's just feel like another day to me. I regularly visit some malls in my free time and now I can't go to the mall, yes, but I don't usually buy anything when I go to the mall. I love online shopping instead. But I know some of you might feel a little bit shook up with this change of routine and don't know what to do at home during the lockdown so here's some things you still can do at home:

Learn a new recipe. It's time to give a try to all those recipes you've been screenshot from cookpad. Or from those cooking videos that you've been bookmarked from youtube. I know you've been wanting to try making them but don't really have a time due to your endless job. (Sometimes, what makes a job more tiring and results to the lack of free time we have is how much time we spend on the road before and after working, right?). So there you go, it's your time!

Hang out with your family. Playing werewolf, do some gardening and stuff together, or just chilling and watching tv. I don't know, perhaps you might find a thing or two about their life that you never knew before.

Clean your fridge. Do you remember that chocolate that your ex gave you last year? Is it still there staying quietly expiring at the corner of your fridge? Take them out, clean your fridge. Make new space for new snacks :p

Taking care of your skin. Ever wonder why your skincare products take ages to work on your skin? Sometimes, it's because you forgot to apply and reapply your sunscreen every few hours. Sometimes, because your skin always exposed to pollution. Since you're now at home, it's the best time for those skincare products to work on their damn job!

Read that book you once bought but never read. Tell me, how many times you buy new books, but too lazy to read it when you go home? It's a sin I'm gonna admit. I have a lot of books even though I know deep inside, I don't like reading that much. So I stick for comics instead. 

So, what are you doing during this self isolating time? Any interesting idea? Tell me on the comment below


  1. nomor terakhir relate bgtt.. ada banyak buku yg blm tersentuh mulai dibuka satu persatu :D

    -Traveler Paruh Waktu

  2. I love your blog ♥ ! Hope you are having a great week.


  3. This is incredibly helpful information. Shared on twitter!!


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