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     Few months ago, I wrote an article about Why Online Friends Can be The Best Friends. Please click the link if you haven't read about it because few days ago, I met up with one of my best (online) friends again, Rima during my visit to Jakarta. The last time I met her was four months ago and since I'm the kind of person who always keep in touch with my friends, so I had to catch up with her. 
     Well, not really. I don't keep in touch with a lot of people too. So it depends on how positive your vibes are for me. I just think that it's the time for me to start thinking about my life and how environment can really affect my mental health. So I want to limit myself of going out with people I'm not comfortable with.

     I don't meet Rima often. In fact the last time I met her was our second time we met each other but it feels like we're a long lost friends. Maybe because we similar we are? You can get to know her from her blog Rima Suwarjono

ZALORA top (Icons brand), ZARA pants, Berrybenka shoes

     Oh and anyway, we met at Sleepyhead Coffee. It's a pretty local cafe located in Senopati, Jakarta. And yes, I always order Aglio Olio whenever I visit a new cafe. Sadly, the Aglio Olio there is not that good. If I could score them, it's 3 of 5. But the strawberry milkshake tho. It's the best strawberry milkshake I've tasted so far. The Cireng Saus Rujak is surprisingly good too. I enjoy it more than the Aglio Olio. 


  1. Haha, wish I could see you in person someday! Happy Wednesday to you gorgeous!

  2. your outfit looks so cute and so happy that you both had a fun time <3

    cheer, michelle ~

  3. BEBBBBB !!!! I MISS YOU !!!

  4. You both look so cute!

  5. I love this lovely shooting!
    You seems to be good friends! :)
    Your outfit is stunning! <3

    1. Thank you! We've only meet twice actually. But we already feel like sisters

  6. uwaaaa akhirnya ketemu yaaaa
    item fashionnya senada pula
    seirama banget dah pokoknyaaaa

    btw, itu yang foto berdua, difotoin siapa?
    bagus soalnya

    1. Pake timer haha. Ribet banget motretnya lari-lari :D

  7. hope someday we can meet tho, lol.
    anw glad know that u get close friend from online media.


  8. You both look really good. The lovely dress and even the beautiful theme and the background.

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