Jelly Jelly Jealous!

Hi, Human!
     I've learned something beautiful today. Let me tell you something. Being jealous is perfectly normal. I'm not talking about the jealous feeling in boyfriend-girlfriend materials, but I'm talking about jealous of other people live. And as a human, you will never be free from that feeling. It's hateful, and I hate that. 
     But let's pause a second and look deeper. We're jealous because we don't have something that other people have. Have you ever realize that you also have something that other people don't have? For example, you're jealous of your friend because they always update their gadgets to the newest, or because they have a fancy car. Have you ever think that maybe they are also jealous of you? Maybe because you're the smartest or the prettiest, or if it's about the material thing, maybe they're jealous of you because you travel a lot. You go to the most beautiful place that they never had the chance to. Or you have a lot of pretty clothes and a rack full of shoes. Who knew?
     Come to think of it, you will realize that you don't really need to be jealous. You want to update your gadgets, but then you don't really like gadgets. Maybe gadgets or fancy car is not really your passion. Trust me, if it's your passion, you will make the best of it. You don't have those things means you're not really fond of them.
     Another example, you're jealous because your best friend got a new boyfriend/girlfriend and you haven't found your someone yet. It's okay to be jealous because it's perfectly normal. But again, when that feeling hits you, you need to remember that your best friend might also get jealous of you. Maybe about how many friend do you have out there. Like there's always someone greets you on the street, or at the mall, or you always get the invitation of the craziest party in town, who knew?
     So the thing to remember is when you jealous of what people have, don't forget that you also have something for other people to be jealous at. Hopefully, it can help to reduce that feeling. Life is balance that way. Enjoy it to the fullest and be happy!

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  2. Beautiful positive post! Jealousy is such a negative emotion, but sadly can be hard to control sometimes.


  3. Great post! Jealousy is often a negative, but somethimes it can motivate us to do things we think we can`t! :)
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  4. Great post! I definitely get where you're coming from and agree with what you said. Loved it x

    I followed you back dear x
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  5. I love this post, you're so right! we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to other people. thanks for sharing!

    xx Melis

  6. Very nice post Rizuna! You're so right, and perhaps one more thing that will avoid us from jealousy, we have to be grateful for everything we have :)



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  10. Very nice post. I loved reading it!
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  11. Such a reflexive post, I totally agree!

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  13. yap! right! Perasaan iri atau cemburu itu bakalan selalu ada soalnya manusia itu nggak pernah puas sama apa yg dia punya.

  14. now that's a good way of thinking dear, totally agree! xx
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  15. Yeah
    Once, I ever got jelly too coz many bloggers got so many followers on theirs socmeds.
    But then I realized that I'm much cuter than them



    Inspiring post, zunaa

    1. bahahah nggak sejahat itu lah digampar pake sapu :D
      paling cuma dilempar kompor wkwkw

  16. Thank you for the motivating post! Jealousy can be a great driving force in pushing us to go for something we want, but it can be so ugly too!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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