Beach Wedding Dresses: COCOMELODY

     Are you planning to marry your beloved one anytime soon? Spare me the details please? I love love everything about wedding! I love how the bride will look like the happiest angel with their beautiful and breath taking white dress. Have you choose your special gown yet? ;)
     As much as I love shopping, I would hate to spend hours in the same store to look for the perfect white dress. Not that I'm going to get married anytime soon :( But I'm a girl who takes hours to walk around the mall and visit all the store! My visit time usually takes no more than 10 minutes each store. If I don't like it, then I'll leave. It's such a waste of time to stay in the same store so long but we don't buy anything. Especially because I always wear heels. 
     So let me introduce you one of my favorite webstores, COCOMELODY. And let me give you an advice if you still haven't decide the theme of your wedding. It might be, Beach Wedding. If you're the kind of girl who loves a simple wedding with a wedding dress, COCOMELODY has beach wedding dresses for you :) For me, as long as I want a grand wedding with beautiful long tail wedding dress, I would love the ones without tail too. A perfect ankle high wedding dress (I start dreaming now). Or if you prefer the tailed ones, COCOMELODY has it too! Here in the 2016 wedding dresses category. 
     Here, in COCOMELODY store, you can browse hours to find the perfect white dress comfortably. And don't worry, by selecting "Custom Size" on your order, your dress will be personally tailored for your exact fit. Come and visit their shop. They currently have a sale campaign ;)


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