A Promise to Myself

     It's just me and my complicated minds again. I have to do something to busy myself. I NEED to do something. Because if I'm not, my mind will go wondering everywhere, and I get worry about everything all over again. And it's literally everything. Oh my God I feel like crying. I can't stop myself. What I really need is to take a break and go on vacation. Because again, just take a break is not enough because taking a break means I'm not doing anything. At the end, worry will come over me again.
     Just a month ago, I worried because I still didn't have a lecturer to personally guide me with my final assignment for college. And I promised myself that I will take a vacation after I had them and discussed my final assignment with them. And the discussion is over now, but it seems I can't go on vacation like I promise myself. Thinking about where to go, I again get worry because I feel like I can't go anywhere due to my passport being taken. And who doesn't know how difficult our bureaucracy is? I bet I can't get my passport soon. And I want to continue my study aboard next year. You think I don't consider to go on domestic vacation? No, I already considered that and it's not really an option. Yes, I can go anywhere in Indonesia by plane, then what? Every place is so big, I can't go anywhere by my feet. Renting a car? It's too expensive. I'm not just going to spend 3 days for vacation, I need more. Well, it's cheaper if I go on vacation with my friends, but that's not an option. Because my holiday sister, Nora is currently study on Sweden so she's off the list right now. My holiday buddy, Febry don't want the vacation. She just want to go anywhere by plane, then go back home immediately after we've arrived at the destination airport. That's such a waste of money for me. And the other friends seem like they can't save money in their account longer until it's enough to go on vacation. Admit it, you guys!
     Using public transportation is hard too. The lane is complicated (unless it's a taxi. But taxi is expensive too!) I will lost myself and I'll cry because I can't find my way back to the hotel before dark. That's silly I know. I could just ask any guy, but before that happened, I will worry myself again. Wondering if the guy I asked is such a good guy or just try to trick me. Joining a tour? No I hate it because I will only have limited time for every place we visit. Yes yes, I live in my worst case scenario mind.
     So, after I thought about it A to Z, I'm wondering if I just bought myself a new camera. I want a new camera so much. But again, I have a lot of reason to revoke that idea. My current camera is still good, And I usually take pictures by my phone. And if I spend all my money to buy a new camera, I can't spend money for clothes anymore. And that's the same with depressing myself. 
     Enough about that. I can go on and on and on writing about my worrying minds but we'll save it for another time, okay? Now I want to show you my last shoot at the Museum Surabaya. Such a nice place to take pictures. And you'll find a lot of colorful and artistic pictures inside.

Choies shirt, jumpsuit (I forgot :( sorry), ZARA wedges, Style Corner hat, Pinfolks and Falsetto Five pins


  1. Love the jumpsuit, and the combo with the shirt is so cool ♥ xx, Veni

    Style with Veni | Fashion Blog

  2. Just found your blog and fell in love with your personal style- had to give you a follow! Love the contrast of patterns and how you kept simple on the accessories front :)
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  3. This outfit is great,love the colors!

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  4. Super coooool!

    OMG cakep aku udah follow dari zaman baheula lhooo liat-liat ke bawah deh wkwkwk

  5. Btw nice hat!
    I wonder where you bought it...

  6. This pinafore looks lovely on you! I loved reading your words :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  7. This outfit is so pretty, I love the jumpsuit!


  8. wondeful look!
    I really like your blog & follow you now on GFC :) hope you do it too
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)


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