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It's so common in blogging world to ask to follow each other. Maybe on GFC or Bloglovin' or whatever you desire. I personally love to do that. But sometimes, I feel kinda upset when someone comments on my post with "lovely", "great post", "nice" or whatever it is with two words max and ask me to follow each other. With the words are so much and the sentence is so long. 

It's okay at first because it means people out there take their precious time to visit my blog and I really appreciate that. But then I read another blog and accidentally find one comment from the same person with the words exactly the same like what they send to me. And the other blog that I read. And so on and so on. And I realize, sometimes people just want to gain more follower. They just have to copy what they write in one blog and paste it in another blog. So when they visit one blog, they just skip it to comment box and write the same thing over and over. And it means that they pay no attention to what you wear or what you say. 

I personally prefer when someone say "thanks for sharing the tips" or "lovely dress" because I know for a slight second that you know I post a tips (even though you're not really read it). Or wear a dress instead of sweater and jeans (even though you're not stop to see where did I buy it). I love you guys more and I really really appreciate that. 

So the point is, we have to be more honest at least with our self. If you don't like it. Then stop right there and close the tab. Don't read it anymore. There's no one force you to visit and like it or agree with what they say. You can ask me to follow you and you can follow me back later, but I won't follow you if we have different interest or if I can't understand what you 're saying because you're not using English.

PS: Thanks for your time for reading this. Love you <3


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  2. Completly agree with this words dear! Have a blog is fantastic but somtimes we find people as you describe that I think is not the same way to be in the 'blogosphere'
    Anyway, everyone has their way of being!
    Have a nice weekend!


  3. i totally feel you!! one of my pet peeves is those commenters just asking to be followed in each of their social media sites.. i do get those but unless i really enjoy your blog/IG/twitter, then I'd follow you.

    Animated Confessions

  4. totally agree! malahan ada yang bilang 'he' ke aku. orang yang kayak gini mesti diapain zun? huahahha



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