Moschino Spring 2015

You guys must know that I'm "THAT CRAZY" about Moschino by now. I write about it over and over and over again because I'm "THAT STARSTRUCK" with Jeremy Scott's insane mind. What did he do the last time is definitely answers my wildest dream of childhood. Being Barbie it is! It's like I see the real barbie alive with his Moschino designs. He totally bringing back the fun in fashion don't you think? I can definitely imagine the fun of the fashion show it self!

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  1. whoaaaa cute things everywhere!

  2. The collection isn't really my style and I don't like it a lot.. but it's definitely exciting to see what he's coming up with each season!

  3. Moschino makes Barbie alive!
    I don't love pink color but I do love Barbie since school, and I always love Moschino new collection esp their bags!

  4. Love your blog, just followed you! Would love if you checked out mine sometime xx

  5. that's why i love Jeremy Scott!
    his design become amazing day by day oh i'm so in love with moschino, hope can attend their fashion week someday..



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