Singapore Tips & Travel Guide (Part 2): Universal Studio Singapore

It's kinda hard to imagine there's someone who book a vacation to Singapore and don't put Universal Studio Singapore on their list. I mean, it's like a mandatory place to go to when you visit Singapore right? A lot of travel group usually offer Universal Studio Singapore as one of their tour package program. But if you're poor af like me and don't want to waste money by renting a tour, worry not, I got you covered. Here's a short article that I hope will help you understand how easy it is to go to Universal Studio Singapore by public transportation, what to expect when you get there, etc. I hope it's helpful to you, but if it still doesn't clear the air, feel free to message me a question.

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     Just like I mentioned in the previous article, MRT is the best and easiest (and of course the cheapest) way to explore the city. If you have questions about how to use MRT as transportation, please read my Singapore Tips & Travel Guide (part 1)
     Universal Studio Singapore is located in Sentosa Island, a tiny island separated from the main land of Singapore. This perhaps sound complicated, but it's actually super simple to get there. If you use MRT as your chosen transportation, all you need to do is take the train and get off at Harbour Front Station then take an exit that at VivoCity. Harbour Front Station is connected with VivoCity so it's not gonna be hard to find your way. Take the escalator and go to the 3rd level of the mall, because that special 'train station' that will take you to Sentosa Island is at the rooftop of VivoCity. The EZ-Link card is still can be used to pay for the train just like how you use the card for MRT. It's around SGD 4 for one way trip to Sentosa Island so make sure you have more than SGD 8 in your card.
     One day ticket of Universal Studio Singapore costs SGD 79 for adult, SGD 59 for children and SGD 41 for senior citizen if you buy them on the spot. I prefer to buy it online days before your arrival date because you might get a more cheaper price than what you'd get from the counter ticket. I bought mine from one of travel agents that I found in Tokopedia and it costs only IDR 674.000 or around SGD 65 for one adult ticket. You'll get an open date ticket which you can print on paper or just scan the barcode from you phone screen at the Universal Studio Singapore's entrance gate.

     It's packed. Like any other dream park, it's packed with people. You won't be able to enjoy every attraction if you buy one day ticket. There is no difference between weekday or weekend, it's always filled with people. My tips for you, buy an additional express access that will allow you to enjoy attractions without hassling with the queue because most of the attraction queue can take literally 2 hours long. Unless you've been to Universal Studio Singapore before, then all you have to do is go straight to attractions you never tried in your previous visit (haha it's my experience).
     Some shows such as Waterworld or Pantages Hollywood Theater are only available to see at certain hours, so please ask any clerk you can find.

Update 28/08/19 Most people walk from right to left when entering the USS. To avoid being in a long queue, I suggest you to walk clock-wise or simply take a route from Madagascar area instead of taking a route from New York Area. I admit Madagascar and Far Far Away is kind of 'children' area, but I think it'll give you the chance to experience more attractions without wasting too much time queuing. Trust me, I spent more than two hours queuing for no more than 5 minutes Transformers ride (it was around 10 am), but no more than 30 minutes queuing for Revenge of the Mummy ride when I enter the attractions around 4 pm.
Anyway, there are some prayer rooms for Muslim in the USS so you don't have to worry about that.

Universal Studio Singapore

     There are a lot of restaurants and food stalls you can find inside the Universal Studio Singapore. In fact, you can find Starbucks in there if you need your daily dose of caffeine. Oh, and there will be a lot of food stalls that sell turkey leg anywhere you go so take a note that IT IS NON-HALAL. Yes, the turkey legs look tempting and delicious but when I made an attempt to buy one, they said it's non-halal so yeah, what an unfortunate. But worry not! There's a cafe called Oasis Spice Cafe in Ancient Egypt area that serves a delicious chicken wings that costs SGD 8.80 for 6 pcs of wings. Trust me, it's so worth it!
     Another restaurant I visited was Mel's Drive In. It is also one of the restaurants you can find inside the Universal Studio Singapore and the place is actually super cute and instagramable, but I can't say the food is good tho. In fact, I'm actually not very fond of it. Unless you want to take cute pictures with antique cars, then be my guest and visit that diner.
ps: I'm sorry I can't review all of the restaurants inside the Universal Studio Singapore cause I choose to waste my time on queueing for attractions instead T_T

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