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     I feel like I need to make a statement for people become confused with my blog lately. I don't actually remember the first time I love fashion. But I always knew that I love wearing colorful outfits. Even if we didn't know each other back then ten years ago, you would easily find me, wearing a yellow coat among my black or blue coated friends in high school. There was this one time that I picture myself working in a fashion industry someday in the future. That's the reason I started blogging.

     But to be completely honest, I always feel like blogging was a competition. At least for me though. It's good to have a target. But in uni, I was taught that target means number. I studied financial business for four years and there was this one day when my lecturer asked, "What is your target? And what is your goal?" And I learned that those two have a very different proposition. For example, if you started building a company, at one point you would have to set a target that you and your partners need to fulfill within a month or a year or for some period of time. Target is number. And therefore I speak that means the target is how many new customers you have to reach or how much selling money you have to collect. Meanwhile, the goal is something that is more general. Like become a leading company in its field or to spread kindness by helping people in need if you run a non-profit organization. 
     Yet, you can't reach your goal if you can't even fulfill the target. I've come across a lot of bloggers said that they are getting tired of how many people obsessed with a number of likes and comments and decided that enough is enough. Funny thing is, they still want to collab with brands. The bigger the brand is, the better it will be. Brand is business, you know. And as I said, target is number. When a brand offers you a collaboration, that means they expect some amount of new customers or selling that will fulfill their target and it's your very responsibility to help them. Darling, how come you still want to be 'a big person' if you don't even want to reach a target? Please, if you have a different opinion, feel free to share with me in the comment section below.
     I've been trapped by this kind of mindset for quite a while and I become very uncomfortable with it. I become so tired of something that I usually like doing and some probably say it's normal. But no one knows it's very consuming for me. I take good pictures, plan a beautiful Instagram feed, reach a number of likes and engagement and money comes from it. And like any other bloggers say, it's depressing when sometimes they don't have enough likes. Yes, it's depressing indeed. But for a whole different reason for me. It's depressing because I have this responsibility to the brand I collab with. It's the feeling of failure if I can't reach their target since they trust that in me.

It's not just taking beautiful pictures with their products, it's the responsibility that comes within.

     If you notice. Lately, I've been taking it slow with outfit pictures. I found it more satisfying when people actually read what I wrote rather than appreciate what I look. It may be exaggerating but I'm getting tired of receiving "You look good!" or "I like your outfit today!" comments. And become more excited when people actually send me an email or dm asking about something they actually want to know, like "Hey, I've read your article about this hotel from your blog and you didn't mention how far it is to the downtown..." And that's how I knew my article is being read and helpful. Not just for the sake of pictures.

     So, since everyone has been doing "NEW YEAR, NEW ME!" resolution, I might just do that as well by saying thank you all for being such a kind reader to my blog. But this is my resolution. I will make a huge change for this blog by writing place and travel articles as my main topic. If you still want to see my fashion pictures (I don't force ya), just head over to my instagram @rizunaswon and sayonara!


  1. Well, I hope this is a good decision for you. One from me, just keep posting useful and positive things on internet.

  2. Good luck with 2019, gorgeous! I also agree that sometime it's a bit annoying when people did not read what I wrote but only commenting on my outfit pictures lol!!!


  3. I completely agree with you that blogging is a competition. Also the number is a face which determine the success of a business.
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