Why It's Absolutely Okay to Cut Off People From Your Life

It's an old story of mine that I will be so grateful if you take time to read, but if not, then you could just check out my outfit that I attach to this post. So here we go.
Some of you might have already known that one of my businesses is a bakery shop that started at the beginning of 2017. It's doing great so far but that doesn't mean that I didn't face any struggles in my business. Up and down of business is common and it can't be avoided. Receiving customers complaints is also something I already used to. Increasing of raw material prices or facing competitors, been there, done that. But there's one thing that made me feel super stressed, emotional, and angry all the time. And I just didn't know what to do at that moment.

So, I have one guy that's been working for me as my courier since I started the shop. He's an outsource so I only pay him when I need his service. His service was fine at the beginning, but lately, all he did is whine and whine and whine and I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm the boss here but it feels like I'm the one who always gets in trouble whenever he found obstacles in doing his job. It feels like I always being underestimated by him. And what's worse than that is he talks bad about me in front of my mother. Like seriously?

J told me to stop using his service. My best friend told me to look for another one whose willing to work for me. So I did. But a few weeks ago, he texted me asking why I stop using his service anymore. And he went mad because he feels like I don't respect him at all. 
This guy is what I call shitty people. Ungrateful and the whiner. When I stopped getting involved with him, it feels like one of my life burdens has been released. I never felt lighter and happier. I focus on myself more and I put myself above anything else now. I can go round and round giving you reasons when it's time to cut negative people off from your life.

1. When you no longer happy to be around them
This is when you start to feel like being forced whenever you have to meet them. When being alone is so much better than being with them.
2. When you feel like you can be yourself anymore
This is when you feel like you have to act like how they want you ta act. In my case, I can't swear too much. I can't get angry, and I also have to put a smile on my face no matter how hurtful their words are to me. 
3. When they judge you too much
"You're getting fat!", "Your skin is too dark!", "You need to get married soon!" and blah blah blah. This is when you think you can no longer control your own life just because people always try to jump into your business. There's nothing wrong with gaining weight because that means you eat a lot of delicious food and that is something to feel grateful about. Don't regret it. There's nothing wrong with getting a darker skin because that means I enjoy my holiday trip to the beach. And that is also something to be grateful about because not everyone has enough free time to do that. 
4. When it's always you who try to make things work
You know how it feels to be the one who always trying to keep in touch but nobody gives a fu*k about that, right? Baby, then it's time to stop trying. They come around eventually. If they don't then you need to find a new circle. Don't wait for someone that doesn't willing to do the same for you. 


  1. Nice post, it's a waste of energy to keep relationships that are not nurturing you.


  2. Your posts are always deep lately.
    Like, super deep.

    Fun fact, it's very related to me.
    And it slaps me, wake me up from my "too good-hearted" side

    Thank you for inspiring, rizzuuw
    Now I think I know some names that need to be cut off from my life.

    "You need to get married soon!"
    The latest news I read somedays ago about a woman saying these words to her single neighbor guy, ended up tragic. That single guy kill her -_-


  3. Nice Posted, i like visit here very helpful

  4. Mirip-mirip sih mba, tapi kalau saya sama orang yang bantu-bantu di rumah. Cuma saya masih belum tegas untuk berhentiin selalu ada rasa nggak enak kayak takut mutusin rejeki orang hiks.

    1. Aku juga gitu mbaaak :( apalagi waktu dia whatsapp dan nanyain kenapa dia ngga dipake lagi. Rasanya bener2 mutus rezeki orang. Tapi dianya kalo kerja suka ngeluh dan pilih-pilih. Ujung2nya aku yang ribet.

  5. I totally understand how you felt there, surround yourself with people who push you to be your best self and make you happy is important <3

    cheer, Michelle ~ http://livedreammagic.blogspot.co.id

  6. Zun, ambil hikmahnya aja ya.. life taught us to be better as person, and always will be :)
    but this post and the story reminds me too, thanks babe <3

    Kiko Kim


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