Summer Trend: Straw Hats

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     How's your summer? So far so good, eh? Traditionally, summer won't be complete without going to the beach and wear the cutest bikini. I love to do that too, going to the beach, I meant. I don't really like getting a tan. I always wear a hat to avoid the UV from the sun. So today, I'm going to tell you what kind of hat is trending this summer.

courtesy: @chiaraferragni
     Realize it or not, floppy hat is not so trending anymore (I still love to wear that tho'). And realize it or not, hats made from straw materials are everywhere. Like, yes! I saw a lot of blogger wear straw hats. Whatever the shape, it's always the straw. I saw Chiara Ferragni in her customized one and I got very fond of it. If you already have one and don't know how to style it, here take a look of what famous bloggers wear with their straw hat.

Amy Roiland from

Rebecca from 
 Alexandra from

Jenn Lake from

Courtney from

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  1. Great post. Even I noticed the straw trend..between love floppy hats too :D

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  2. That's some crazy hats . So funky and just what I needed to know . I am going for a beach holiday and this is quite inspirational .

  3. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

  4. nice post rizuna !
    anw nice to know that u r from surabaya to
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  5. Nice ideas)
    I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure!

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  6. Cool summer looks! Follow you, I hope for reciprocity))

  7. This hat trend is really cool...

  8. I am sure I need straw hat this summer, probably for more chic look (?) The wider the better ya, nice post Rizuna, this inspires me alot :)



  9. Straw hats are cute, I didn't realise it was a trend but you are right, they seem quite popular! Wouldn't really suit me but I adore them on others. :) Thanks for sharing! x



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