Do's and Don'ts While You Go for Traveling

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     It's almost holiday season here in Indonesia, huh? Are you excited? Well, I usually am, but I think this year is not as exciting as last year for me. I still have this final assignment that I have to finish as soon as possible so I don't really have enough time to think where I'm going to spend my holiday. I just wish I can go back to 2014 when I still have a lot of time to go from one place to the other and just enjoy to sun.

     Anyway, let's not talk about how sad I am again, because once this final assignment is over, I'm going to spend all my money to visit some new place! (even if I still don't know where). So, here I'm going to give you some tips about do's and dont's while you go traveling (not for a backpacker, because I never went backpacker myself). Whether you're traveling alone, or with your friends.

1. Plan your trip. You need to know how and what transportation you're going to take from the airport to your hotel. And to go all tourist for your holiday. If the country you want to visit has comfortable public transportation, or if it's people has the good and healthy walking habit, then it's good for you! But if it's not, well... I think you should know where to rent a car, so you can explore the city all you like.

2. Budget your trip. Unless it's a shopping trip, then make a budget plan for your trip as low as possible, but bring a lot more money than that. This budget doesn't include plane tickets and hotel, okay. Because I will assume all of those already been booked and paid before you step to the airport.

3. Bring your main essentials. ID card, passport, credit card, power bank, camera, personal medicine... whatever small things you usually have in your bag. Don't forget to bring tissue and sunglasses. Sunglasses are important if you travel across the globe. It's not only protecting you from the sun, but it's also can act as a mask to hide your sleepy jet lag face.

4. Respect the local culture. If they have the rule to wear hijab when entering a mosque, then do it. If they have the rule to not eat at the public place, then do it. Even if it's not what you usually do, respect that because come on! it's not even your country!

5. Rent a house instead of hotels. This is a tip if you're going on a trip with your whole squad. Like 10 people squad. It's cheaper to rent apartment/house than to rent a lot of hotel rooms. And it will be more fun if you can spend the whole night with your squad.

1. Don't bring too much handbag. One suitcase and one medium handbag are enough. Because it will be a burden for you if you're taking public transportation from the airport to your hotel. Well, unless it's a fashion trip. Where the main purpose of your trip is attending some fashion event or coachella, then I'm sure you need a lot of clothes. So I recommend you to bring the bigger suitcase. Or two suitcases or more. But don't bring more than one bag on your hand. You don't need to fool yourself by not only having two suitcases near you but also one shoulder bag, one handbag, one tote bag and a cup of coffee all in your hands.

2. Don't bring a lot of things inside your suitcase. Make sure it has some empty spaces. Because I'm pretty sure, it will be full when you finally back home. Whether because you don't fold your used clothes or because of all the souvenirs you buy.

3. Don't spend most of your money in your first days. Trust me. The most important thing when you go on a trip is you're well-fed. Promise me that you won't be tempted by cute souvenir shop that you forget to save some for food money. And trust me, even if you're travelling with your friends, they won't lend you money as easily as when you were back home. Well, because they have needs to survive on the trip too :D

4. Don't forget to enjoy your trip. Well, sometimes, you just go all snapchat and instagram when you're on holiday. To share the world how happy you are, but you forget to actually enjoy the moment. Come on! The sunset is beautifully there in front of you. It takes some time to take pictures, choosing what's best and editing your picture before instagram. And the next thing you know, the beautiful sun has gone.

5. Don't buy something useless. Remember the space left in your suitcase. The trip from your hotel to the airport is as long as the trip from the airport to the hotel. You don't need some additional bag on your hands. Just put them all in your suitcase and you'll be fine.

So that's some travelling tips from me. Do you have any additional tips? Share it with me in the comment section below :) Have a good day and enjoy your trip!

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