Fear of Missing Out

Hello, human!
     Have you ever feel the fear of missing out? What I'm saying is the fear of missing out such an amazing event held in your town. For example, music festivals, band concert, seminar, etc. We call it FOMO - Fear of Missing Out. Yes, you can find any event on social media, television, or newspaper. But you probably don't know where and how to make reservations or buy the tickets. 
     Worry no more, human!  I found a very useful website that can help you reach any amazing event you want to attend. Check out EVENTBRITE. The world's largest self-service ticketing platform, which helps people find and plan events. So, not only you can buy tickets here, but you can sell tickets for any event you organize too. You can promote your event, track the attendance, even manage your event registration. 
     And the best thing is, you can find any event in the world. Not just around your local area. So if you want to go to a workshop that doesn't being held in your country, you can always order your seat from Eventbrite. How cool is that?


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