All Those Family Dramas

     I believe that every human on earth has their own family drama. Or something big which only the family members know about. At first I was so furious. I don't like family drama at all. And I always envy other people who live so carefree like they have no problems in the world. Yeah, at first I thought like that. But then as I've grown up, I've met a lot of people, I've became friends with a lot of people, and from just a friend then now best friends, I realize that sometimes, people is not what they want other people to see.
     As a grown up, I realize that one of the problems we often meet is when your aunt says "when will you get married?" It's not only happen to boys, but girls too. Even me, my aunt likes to say "just graduate from the university already, and get married!" since my first year of college. Like what the hell? Luckily, I'm not the first child so the pressure of being the first daughter or son is higher.
     Then when you already planned for getting married, all your aunts will fight over the wedding. The dresses, the food, the flowers, etc. They will bombard you with a lot of wedding magazine. Make you pick the dress they want you to wear. And they will fight over what dress they will wear. Well, at least in some family, there is a tradition that family members should wear the same dress. The purpose is so the guest will know immediately which person they should say congratulations, apart from the bride and the groom.
     So here, let me introduce you to WISHESBRIDAL. A website which not just provides you with lot of bridal dresses, but also lace mother of the bride dresses. Everything you need, they will make the best for you! You have a freaking lot of option for the dress that makes all your aunts are ready to announce war! :D Just kidding.
     My favorite is lace mother of the bride dresses. I'm pretty sure they will freak out because the dresses are so beautiful and it's hard to choose one. There are also some mother of the bride dresses with sleeve too for them to choose :D

Pretty Illusion Knee Length Black Satin Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress

Illusion Knee Length Navy Blue Lace Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress

Pretty Straps Knee Length Chiffon Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress

Straps Knee Length Navy Blue Lace Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress With Jacket

Graceful Tank Top Knee Length Red Lace Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress

Elegant V Neck Knee Length Black Lace Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress


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