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Back when I was in Singapore, I found a small Indian restaurant that I suddenly loved. It called Mohammed. The cashier guy is so friendly and patient while I and F taking so much time to decide what to buy. And the good thing is the food was not a disappointment. Thing about a delicious food, Indian food is above that. It's a miracle. There's so much food in just one package and I regretted that I'm not empty the plate because I was too full.

There's a business visit program to Singapore lately ad I think it's a good excuse to visit that restaurant again. Because I can't find any Indian restaurant in Surabaya and I'm frustrated alright. And yesterday during our class, F suddenly got a crazy idea. It came because the trip to Singapore is too expensive just for the plane. What exactly the point to buy an expensive ticket if the trip just take less than two hours?

So we thought it's a good idea if we have a flight to Singapore in early morning, go straight to that restaurant for breakfast, then spend the time with shopping at Orchard, back to Mohammed for lunch, and have a flight back to Surabaya, Indonesia in the evening. How awesome is that idea, huh? :D

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  1. Glad to know you love Indian food! Nothing beats shopping at Orchard Road! :)

    Have a great day.

    ~ Seepz


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