In Love With Fashion, Don't You?

Tomorrow is my last day of this hell of exams. But I have no interest whatsoever to study :'D it's one of my bad habits actually. The devil of laziness get the best of me and pursue me to stay away from any book. I don't even know why did I name my blog with "nerd" when the fact is, I hate studying. Well, but I love math. You know with number, algebra, and etc. I think it's easier than any other subjects. Unfortunately, my math exam already passed and I don't really like Human Resource Management subject so I will just drop it to write a post. It's been two weeks already. Do you notice?

So, like every other fashion bloggers, our life is uncomplete without sitting in front of the laptop and do online shopping. Or at least browsing for any fashion inspiration. Woah! It's almost spring again :') the season of flower! Time flies before we even knew it. Once in my life when I was still in elementary school, I always wondered. Why is it the magazines always write about collection for spring/summer/fall/winter a year in future? Just so I know that's how the fashion industries work. Always a year ahead. Hahaha :'D

By the way, we already know that we are in love with fashion, right? Do you already know this lovely shop that named with what we really are? It's LOVE. Whatever thing or whoever person you love ;) But it's actually named "In Love With Fashion" and I'll make sure you'll in love with every item they have. Because I already craved for them to be in my wardrobe :'D

Another best thing this week is they offered an exclusive discount 30% off all LOVE full price items. This is an exclusive discount for all bloggers and their readers and will not be promoted anywhere else, so it's a real January treat. What a best treat for beginning the best year! Use code LFA30 for using this treat, okay? Don't forget that the code will be valid on LOVE full-price items only.


  1. Hey there, completely IN-LOVE with your blog, just followed you on GFC (117), would love if you follow back :)

    MandySharesLife FACEBOOK PAGE

  2. They have some cute stuff and they are affordable! XO


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