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Finally found this unicorn shirt I was looking for :D Call me obsessed, but actually YES I AM. I was looking for this unicorn stuff since Miley Cyrus tweeted a pic of her with unicorn head and I'm blowing up like craaazzzaay.

So thank you so much for Peter Says Denim :) This printed t-shirt is absolutely rocks!! Big credit also for UP by Diana Rikasari. She totally is an inspiring woman. This Stella Beige is the most comfortable wedges I've ever wear. I have five pairs of it and I can't wait to post it with different style :)

Is it rude to hide whom my monochrome pants belongs to? I love it so damn much actually. But I kinda dislike the service from the store (It's an online shop). Call me a bitch what so ever! I disrespect people who disrespect me. I don't give a shit about them. I don't play nice to a curt person. I'm a buyer. Buyer is a king!! And she acted like she was so damn busy that she had no time to serve her customer. She even got angry when I confirmed her that I already made a payment. Just to be honest, I actually spammed her. But for defending myself, who will not worry, if the seller didn't reply your confirm payment for almost 24 hours?

And let me get this straight..
B eautiful
I  ndependent
T alented
C reative
H umble

Call me 'BITCH' as many as you want because I have different sight about what bitch is. And it's absolutely positive :)


  1. Love your blog, keep it up!

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  2. i like your outfit. it is lovely but not girly.. you rock!!

  3. Darling style!


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