Oh No!

Really, tho. I don't know how Instagram works lately. When everybody said "bring back the old chronological feed!" what did they do? They make it even harder for content creator to work. I don't want to bit*h about it because while number isn't everything, IT'S EVERYTHING for us, content creator. But really tho, tens of thousands impression with just less than a hundred likes? That's not even one percent of it. Few days ago, one of my content creator friends also complained about how her video got 14.000 views but only 18 likes. I guess it's happen to me too.

And ads didn't work. I don't know why ads didn't work. They add tax for it, but it fu*king didn't work. I usually use IG ads for my bakery shop to promote new menu and everything. It's just doesn't work anymore. And the most annoying part is, I can't find most of my friends posts because it doesn't fu*king appear on my timeline. Did you notice that or is it just me? My timeline is full of sponsored posts. But why is my ads doesn't fu*king work?? Really, Instagram. How much money do I have to spend for you? 

Also, in my other account, when you scroll your timeline down, I found out that Instagram shows you 'suggested post' on your timeline rather than your friends older post . How is that fair?

Too many bad words on this post, my apologize.

And I'm sorry if you somehow landed on my website and reading my angry mumbling about Instagram. Let's all get back to our old mindset when we post for fun. Not for money. It's going to be hard I know. But if you have tips for Instagram, would you share it with me on the comment section below?

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