Gotta Write This Down Just So I Remember (Part 1)

     Actually, I'm not the kind of girl who falls for the look. Neither wealth or career. And I don't do romance things but if you read this post, I warn you that what you are about to read is my love story. A typical love story that you might find it boring. But since I love this guy, so whatever painful and boring our story is, I don't want to have it any other way. It's crazy when I think about the past time. How I tried to stay away and not getting too attached to this guy. Everything is upside down now. He is like my own comfort zone. And I kinda hate him for it, because whenever I'm with him, it feels like I don't belong anywhere else again.

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     So, I met this guy in my very first year of college. We were in the same class, but we never actually talked to each other. To be honest, I didn't really know him (or remember his face) at all. Besides, I was such a super quiet girl. I couldn't even start a conversation with new people. I had several best friends, I even had a squad. But I'm still this lonely girl who doesn't talk to people outside the gang. So in that first semester, the only impression he had for me was 'He is the guy who gave everyone in the class an orange'. Yes, he did it alright. Like seriously? Who the fuck brings a basket full of orange and gives everyone each because it's his birthday? (Turns out, He just really loves orange that much. The color and the fruit). I refused the orange tho' because I don't really like orange. Well, I like orange as in orange juice or orange flavor candy. But as a fruit? Hell nah!
     Second and third semester passed and I don't even remember if we ever had the same class together. I never had a touch with this guy and vice versa. But in the third-semester break, I went to Singapore with my two best friends for holiday. We found out that this guy was currently staying in Singapore for student exchange program. We didn't have this number, we didn't have this BBM, but we wanted to invite him to hang out with us. I don't know what we were thinking back then. He was like a stranger to us. A stranger that coincidentally study in the same college back in Indonesia. But our other best friend (who didn't come with us to Singapore) knows him very well and he encouraged us to hang out together. So what we did to contact him was looking for his Instagram and write a comment in one of his picture. Oh this annoying guy, took forever to reply our comment.
     I didn't hate him back in that day. But I don't really like him either. Our holiday visit to Singapore was short and he made our schedule a mess just by waiting for his response to our comments. When we finally met him, he asked us to join one of his class in National University of Singapore. It sure felt like a stowaway because I'm not a student in there, but well, I didn't really care. Let's skip that part when we were in NUS, okay? The memories are kinda blurred and I don't really remember anything besides listened to the lecturer about something I'm not really interested and had lunch together at the canteen. At the end of the day, we made a plan to hang out again at Universal Studio the next day. And guess what? He was gone again the next day. Like puff! We texted him and got no reply at all. We waited so long for him in the morning just so we can hop on the train together. But nope! None! Zero! Babe if you read this, just so you know that I hated you SO MUCH for making us waste a lot of time... (to be continued)


  1. Hmm sounds interested story to be read~~~ cannot wait for the next episode of your love story~~

    kiko from Monochrome Diary


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